California Cadet Corps and Bear Flag


Cadet Captain Roger Bolt - Sep 1968

   Can you Identify any of these Cadets, probably from La Sierra or San Juan, taken during a Field Trip to Fort Ord?

Basic Cadet Handbook.  Click here to view and download the Basic Cadet Handbook used at La Sierra High School as a text in he 1950's and 60's

The 31st Battalion Patch 1958-1973 The "New" Revised 31st Battalion Patch La Sierra High School Rifle Team Patch

Colonel Don Currier Will Deploy to Iraq.  Visit Don Currier's website to learn more - Click Here

Newspaper article from the Sacramento Bee, December 14, 1961, which publicizes the Snowball, a school dance sponsored bi the Cadet Corps at La Sierra.  Included is a picture of planners Robert C. Jones, Jack L. Espinal, and Louann Haycock.  Proceeds form the dance were used to support cadet activities.

First Aid Story at La Sierra

Survival Signal Story

California Cadet Corps Training at La Sierra with Integrated Emergency Building Egress

California Cadet Corps Bivouac Food

Rifle Match Diary - Written by Robert Nicholson at the 1969 California Cadet Corps State Championship Rifle Matches at San Luis Obispo.

La Sierra High School Yearbook Page showing the 1967 Rifle Team

La Sierra High School Yearbook Page showing the 1969 Rifle Team

La Sierra High School Yearbook Page - Words to live by 1969

Cadet Captain Julian Ajello 1960 Julian Ajello today
Leadership School Honor Graduate (Dan Foxvog) Outstanding Freshman Cadet (Dan Foxvog)
Leadership School Honor Student - Daniel Foxvog, La Sierra High School 1958-59 Leadership School Outstanding Freshman Cadet 1958-59 awarded to Daniel Foxvog - La Sierra High School